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Note from the Webmaster
Welcome to StargateSG-1.NET. After years of working on making websites and watching Stargate SG-1 I have finally managed to bring a new Stargate website to your web browser. I first wanted to make a Stargate website when I first got in to Stargate. At the time my internet skills and experience were not as braod as they are now and I thought there were not that many great Stargate sites out there. So I decided to make one myself, trying to put everything on it that I could possible imagine... (Read Story)

Latest News and Updates
Today is
Stargate Movie Confirmed by MGM
Sunday - December - 8th - 2002 (Movie News)
Official sources from MGM have confirmed the release and production dates of the Stargate 2 movie... (Read Story)

Season Three on DVD
Friday - December - 6th - 2002 (Merchandise News)
The Season Three Box Set for Region 1 will be released early in 2003 along with a whole heap of extra features looking behind the scenes of the show... (Read Story)

New TV Spot
Thursday - December - 5th - 2002 (Multimedia)
Fan Made TV Spot for season five's episode "The Warrior" has been uploaded to the Multimedia Section...(Click To View)

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July 25th, 2002:
Gaters meet, London

Sept 12-15, 2002:
Gatecon 2002 Convention

Sept, 2000:
Season Six begins on Sky One in the UK

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